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Laurie Yannon Wing is the founder of Media News Blast, Award Winning Author, Magazine Contributor, On Air Consumer Lifestyle Expert and Entrepreneur. 

Our team of professionals have been reviewing, writing and presenting products online, on air and in print, for the media, for over 20 years.We are here to review your newsworthy products to get them the publicity they deserve!

We have secured placement on Fox & Friends, Fox affiliates, CBS, NBC, Today Show, Good Morning America, Newsmax, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, O magazine, RedBook, Rolling Stone, Forbes, Let's Make a Deal, The Price is Right, The Doctors Show, Windy City Live, Steve Harvey Show, Rachael Ray, local news stations and many more media outlets. 

Here's how it works:

Submit your product by sending us the following info: product name, product description, price, website link and photo. We will review your product info, request a sample for review and add your product to our Media Gift Guide. Always FREE SUBMISSION. 

Our Media Gift Guides are featured on Pinterest mainly to provide a beautiful visual of all of your products with product information and a link to your website all in one place; the added bonus is the additional social media exposure with the pinning and sharing on Pinterest as well. So, our MEDIA GIFT GUIDES are not just Pinterest boards. They were created for Producers, Editors, Writers and all other Media Representatives to continuously use as a reliable resource to for their upcoming television product segments, magazine articles, radio promotions, newspaper stories/reviews, online and on-air promos/audience giveaways. 

We welcome you to join our Facebook group MEDIA NEWS BLASTERS where we network with other businesses and pr firms to share media opportunities and placements. We also post products on our Instagram page @medianewsblast. 

Feel free to share your feedback, stories and latest products with our team. We look forward to hearing from you!

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